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Sonic Brotherhood - Sonic the Hedgehog. :icontie-rex1000000:Tie-Rex1000000 6 0 Sonic Brotherhood - Sigma Reaper Form. :icontie-rex1000000:Tie-Rex1000000 3 0
Sonic Brotherhood Episode 10
During the nighttime in New Mobotropolis, Riza Hawkeye the Fox was walking her dog Black Hayate, but her dog turns around growling.
Black Hayate: (Growl)
Riza: Black Hayate? What's gotten into you, boy?
???: Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha...
They see Barry the Chopper, who walks out of the shadows.
Barry: It's dangerous to be out, walking the streets alone at this hour. You never know when you might meet a terrible serial killer feared by all! BARRY THE CHOPPER!!
Riza gets out her advanced gun and keeps shooting Barry.
Barry: Uh! Uh! Uh! AHHH!!
Barry falls on his back and gets back up.
Riza pulls out an advanced shotgun and shoots him falling on his back.
Barry: AHHHH!!
Barry gets back up and pulls his armored head out.
Barry: Alright. That's it, lady. NOW I'M GOING TO HEAR YOU SCREAM!!
Riza: Huh?
Riza shoots Barry again, knocking him down, along with his head.
Barry: AHHHHHH!! Hey! How come you're not paralyzed with fear?!
Riza: You actually remin
:icontie-rex1000000:Tie-Rex1000000 4 0
Sonic Brotherhood - Sigma Virus Form. :icontie-rex1000000:Tie-Rex1000000 3 3
Sonic Brotherhood Episode 9
In the tent the Ishballan monkey brothers named Rick and Leo sit down while the Ishballan Elder came in.
Elder: Has the "scarred man" stopped by yet?
Leo: We tried to tell him, even the master, but he won't listen. He just goes off and risks his life again and again.
Elder: Ha ha ha ha ha. Those of us who have the blood of Ishbal running through our veins are protected by our god "Ishballa" up above. Everything has happened as God decide.
They all hear an explosion. The master comes in.
Master: The men known as the Dark Egg Legion are attacking us! We must have everyone retreat immediately!
The Dark Egg Legion Bikers invade the campgrounds and attack the Ishballans. Blowing up and burning down their home. Diesel, who now has a robotic hand looks at the destruction. A suit of armor appears next to him.
Diesel: Huh? What's wrong? Not joining in, Barry the Chopper?
Barry: Of course I am. Isn't that why the fat man put me in with you guys?
Barry: I'm going to slice and dice!
Barry leaps to
:icontie-rex1000000:Tie-Rex1000000 1 0
Sonic Brotherhood Episode 8
In Secret HQ Elias, Silver, Shard, Lyco, Leeta, and Larry meet up with Harvey Who to tell news.
Harvey Who: Glad you all made it here. I've heard Naugas has taken over Geoffrey St. John's body.
Elias: He has. He went inside his body to prevent death.
Shard: He also summon a few henchmen, in which he calls them "the Ixis-Carters". I sense that he must've turn a few Mobians into mindless slaves just like what Dr. Robotnik's doing when he roboticizes people.
Silver: Good thing that Gizoid took care of him.
Harvey Who: Alright at least Naugas is laying low for now. Anyway, I have a mission for you all. There is an undercover agent in the Shazamazon Temple which is a Dark Egg Legion Base. This one is an early member of the Secret Freedom Fighters. I heard from our member that he or she is being hunted down by two Grandmasters, Razorclaw and Drago Wolf. You are to find that undercover agent and bring him or her back to base. Any questions?
Elias: Who is this undercover agent?
Harvey Who: Oh
:icontie-rex1000000:Tie-Rex1000000 8 3
Sonic Brotherhood Episode 7
On the Death Egg, the female monkey with long black hair, the Grizzly bear, and Metal Sonic walk up to the door and see Orbot and Cubot with a pair of Egg Pawns at the door to the Command Center.
Cubot: Hold it you three! What's the password?
Orbot: You imbecile! It's Metal Sonic, Lust, and Gluttony remember?!
Cubot: Oh I forgot.
Lust: Is Envy in there?
Orbot: Yes he is, I'll open the door for you.
Orbot opens the door for the three to the command center; the three meet with Envy the Dog.
Envy: Hello there "Jealousy" Metal Sonic, Lust, and Gluttony...
Lust: Nice to see you two, Envy. Pride told us to come here for a mission, you're assigning for us.
Drago and Razorclaw show up.
Envy: You're late!
Drago: Sorry, Mr. Envy, it won't happen again I promise.
Envy gets off his seat and tortures Drago.
Envy: Listen here, you incompetent fools, you failed us last time and Good ol Robotnik wasn't pleased about it! And I'm sure as hell he won't be pleased about an "under
:icontie-rex1000000:Tie-Rex1000000 6 3
Sonic Brotherhood - Miles Tails Prower Age 16 :icontie-rex1000000:Tie-Rex1000000 8 1
Sonic Brotherhood Episode 6
Sonic comes home along with Shard and Jace. Jules and Bernadette watch tv.
Sonic: Mom, Dad, I'm home and guess who's here to see you again.
Jace and Shard enter.
Jace: Hey, dad it's been years since I've saw you.
Jace and Jules hug.
Jules: It's good to see you again, Jace.
Jace: I know I've heard that you had severe injuries that you had to stay alive in a robot body and I have a step mother I see...
Jules introduces his 2nd wife Bernadette to Jace.
Jules: Oh this is my other wife Bernadette, which I've also known her back in school.
Bernadette: Nice to see you, Jacey.
Jace: Nice to see you too.
Bernadette: I see you brought your robot friend over.
Shard: Well I'm here to stay for the night.
Sonic: Well we're tired, goodnight!
Jules and Bernadette: Goodnight!
Sonic, Jace, and Shard head off to Sonic's bedroom.
Jules: (I can't believe I get to see my son again, I believe the prophecy is going to be fulfilled soon which means I can get to see my first wife again... And for Shard, I hope
:icontie-rex1000000:Tie-Rex1000000 4 3
Sonic Brotherhood Episode 5
In the laboratory Sonic talks to Jace about where was he born in while Edward, Alphonse, Mina, Knuckles, Silver, Elias, Rotor, Nicole, Amy and Uncle Chuck listen. 
Sonic: So, brother?
Jace: Yes.
Sonic: Where did you say I was born again?
Jace: Alright, since the coast is clear, I will tell you that you aren't born in Mobotropolis. You were born on an island full of brave hedgehog warriors known as "Christmas Island".
Everyone was shocked.
Sonic asks Uncle Chuck.
Sonic: Uncle Chuck, is that true?
Chuck: Yes, Sonny, he is really your brother.
Jace: I will tell you what has really happened to the island we were born in...
Narrator: Mankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain something of equal value must be lost. That is alchemy's first law of Equivalent Exchange. In those days they really believe to be the world's one and only Truth.
Opening plays
I still have too long a life ahead
Just to give up and drop all of these dreams
I just
:icontie-rex1000000:Tie-Rex1000000 4 0
Sonic X Sally - Bed. :icontie-rex1000000:Tie-Rex1000000 6 0 Art Trade 2. :icontie-rex1000000:Tie-Rex1000000 1 2 Sonic Brotherhood - Princess Sally Acorn :icontie-rex1000000:Tie-Rex1000000 5 0 Sexy Sally Acorn. :icontie-rex1000000:Tie-Rex1000000 9 11 Sonic Brotherhood - Saku Seeno / Mephiles the Dark :icontie-rex1000000:Tie-Rex1000000 1 6 Sonic Brotherhood - Tails / Miles x Fiona. :icontie-rex1000000:Tie-Rex1000000 6 16


NaruTen: Walking to a New Life Together (Closup) :iconjupmod:JuPMod 112 3
Mature content
Homunculi Birth :iconangel-sweetheart:Angel-Sweetheart 21 7
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I'm here with my very first QnA. Please feel free to ask me any question but here are the rules. 

No 18+ content questions and no hate questions please. Ask me whatever you like just as long as you go by the rules. 
During the nighttime in New Mobotropolis, Riza Hawkeye the Fox was walking her dog Black Hayate, but her dog turns around growling.

Black Hayate: (Growl)

Riza: Black Hayate? What's gotten into you, boy?

???: Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha...

They see Barry the Chopper, who walks out of the shadows.

Barry: It's dangerous to be out, walking the streets alone at this hour. You never know when you might meet a terrible serial killer feared by all! BARRY THE CHOPPER!!

Riza gets out her advanced gun and keeps shooting Barry.

Barry: Uh! Uh! Uh! AHHH!!

Barry falls on his back and gets back up.


Riza pulls out an advanced shotgun and shoots him falling on his back.

Barry: AHHHH!!

Barry gets back up and pulls his armored head out.

Barry: Alright. That's it, lady. NOW I'M GOING TO HEAR YOU SCREAM!!

Riza: Huh?

Riza shoots Barry again, knocking him down, along with his head.

Barry: AHHHHHH!! Hey! How come you're not paralyzed with fear?!

Riza: You actually remind me of someone else I know.

Barry: Let me guess, Alphonse something or whatever.

Riza: You've met Alphonse before?

Barry gets back up, putting his helmet back on while Hayate pees near him.

Barry: Ha ha ha ha ha ha... Oh so this guy is a friend of yours is he? I'm going to tell you, sweetheart.

Barry eyes pops out with hearts.


Opening plays

I still have too long a life ahead
Just to give up and drop all of these dreams
I just want to try and fix all the things that I've left undone


I thought that I could reach
Something carried over I saw within my dreams
And yet I stumble on all my actions on this road
That's in front of me

It's not like I want things to go back to the way before
All I want is to open my eyes and feel the sun
Don't let them see that you're afraid
No, don't make a face
And, no, you can't let them know you want them
To pity you

You can't let every single sin end with tears
Wear them proudly on your sleeve along with your fears
It's like your waiting for someone to draw near
In a maze of emotion

There comes a day where you find a way to escape
A blank page, now I'm writing out my own fate
I've grown tired of running away from a thing called reality

And I will scream from the top of my lungs
I'm living to fulfill my hopes
(Can you hear me?)
I'm not longer taking the safer way out of anything
(We'll never go back home)
I'll always find strength from those who will help me
They'll always be there by my side
(I'm on my way)
The hope for tomorrow
Will help me ease all my pain today

Opening Ends


In the apartments, Barry the Chopper is held captive by Elias, Roy Mustang the Wolf, Riza Hawkeye, and Hershey the Cat.

Mustang: "The Philosopher's Stone".

Elias: I can't believe that Laboratory that was destroyed in your city made something like that.

Riza: It gets worse, there's a chance that the "Amestris Military Senior Staff" was involved as well.

Mustang: Plus there was these others like, Lust, Envy, Metallix, and this "big gas masked man".

Elias: Isn't that Robotnik?

Barry: I'm pretty sure that it is him, because he put me into the Biker Legion chapter as the Legionnaires.

Hershey: Did Dr. Robotnik and those people you're talking made you like this?

Barry: No, it was these researchers that he has hired and ordered them to rip my soul out of my Mobian body, then slapped my soul into this suit of armor you see here.

Hershey: Maybe we can track down these so-called researchers. If we find them maybe they can tell us more about these experiments.

Barry: That chance has expired. They were all used to create Philosopher's Stones. There's not a single one of them left alive.

Mustang: There's a sign that they must've been used as ingredients, how efficient.

Riza: Do you think this means they have what they need or will they try to make additional plans?

Mustang: I have one more question for you. Back in 3236, the beginning of the "Second Robotnik War", an Amestris Military officer was killed near the telephone booth in Central. Were you the one who did it?

Barry: Phone booth? Doesn't sound familiar. Was he all chopped up?

Mustang: Never mind...

On the Death Egg in the Experiments Room with cages, The Legionnaire talks to Lust the Monkey while Gluttony the Grizzly Bear and Metal Sonic listen.

Legionnaire: So another Grandmaster is dead and replaced. He was calling one of our allies to capture an Ishballan kid to lure in Scar, Snively, and Alphonse Elric into their trap but failed to do so. I also heard that Mustang is still searching "Maes Hughes Murderer". After a whole year since the Second Robotnik War has started, Mustang is really trying to find the culprit all of a sudden. 

Lust: Did he find out something definite?

Envy the Dog morphs back into himself.

Envy: He probably knows quite a lot... Besides I gave the two soldiers in New Mobotropolis about something.

Lust: You have an idea?

Envy smirks.

The next day in the New Mobotropolis Military HQ, in the restroom, Mustang with his military suit off goes to the sink to wash his hair, he looks in the mirror and sees Armstrong the Rhino in the toilet stalls. Armstrong walks out of the stalls and walks up to the sinks next to Mustang and talk.

Armstrong: Hey there.

Mustang: Hey.

Armstrong: Did you lose some weight?

Mustang: Yeah. So you're ready for the mission tomorrow to rescue the Echidnas?

Armstrong: I'm always ready, Colonel. I heard from this man from the Chaotix, Vector told me to bring one of the Elric Brothers on the mission.

Mustang: So now they want one? We're going to have to get Fullmetal on this mission tomorrow, even for Sonic's brother.

Armstrong: I think he's perfect for this mission, the boy is 16 years old as I recall. Anyway, it's been a year since "Hughes murder"...

Mustang: Major?

Armstrong: Yes, Colonel?

Mustang: Did you told the Elric Brothers about "Hughes death" yet?

Armstrong: No... I couldn't bring myself to do it...

Mustang: They will eventually find out. The 5th Laboratory and Philosopher's Stones. Live humans were recipes. That guy liked to help others.

Armstrong: He found out something interesting after poking his head into Elric Brother's business. Isn't that right?

Mustang grabs his jacket.

Mustang: The brothers will be hurt if they find out Hughes died because he tried to help them. You're a nice person, Major.

Armstrong: You found out quite a lot.

Mustang puts his military suit back on.

Mustang: Just a bit more.

Mustang walks out of the restroom.

Armstrong: Just be careful, you don't know who might be listening.

Mustang: Alright.
In the cafeteria, Sleet the Wolf walks up to Maria Ross the Lioness with her Mobian friend.

Sleet: 2nd Lt. Maria Ross. I am one of President King Bradley's assistants, Sleet.

Maria Ross gets up.

Ross: Yes... What would you like from me?

Sleet: You will come with us.

Sleet puts his hand out so that he could see the gun.

Sleet: Hand me your gun, please.

Maria Ross pulls out her gun and gives it to Sleet.

Ross: Could you explain to me what's going on?

Sleet: You're a prime suspect in both the murder of Maes Hughes and the murder of Antoine D Coolette.


Sleet: We'll listen to your explanation later. Are you coming or not? Besides, you can't resist, young lady.

In the city of New Mobotropolis, Mustang and Riza are both walking.

Riza: It's been a year since you told the Elric Brothers that General Hughes moved except for his family. This seems like the only situation where you would treat him like a child.

Mustang: Even though it's been a year, there is no need for them to know yet... It would be better for those Brothers if nothing disturbs their progress. Something like that... I guess I don't have the right to call Major Armstrong, softhearted.

Riza: Regarding his subordinates.

Mustang: Hm?

Riza gives Mustang the documents.

Riza: One of them is an important suspect being investigated for both General Hughes and General D'Coolette's death.

Mustang: Really?!

Riza: 2nd Lt. Maria Ross, she denies doing it though.

Mustang looks at the documents.

Mustang: ...

Mustangs hands Riza back the documents.
Mustang: Look up for documents that links with Maria Ross. Ask Nicole if you see her.

Riza: To what extent?

Mustang walks away.

Mustang: Down to the last bit. Get Nicole, quickly. But this is top secret.

Riza: Yes sir!

In Freedom HQ, Edward the Dog, Alphonse the Dog, Winry the Rabbit, Jace, Mina, and T-Pup all return from their mission to report to Sonic.

Sonic: Mission report?

Edward: Al managed to get a hold of Snively.

Alphonse: Brother, he calls himself Colin now.

Edward: Oh whatever, Al.

Sonic: Alphonse?

Alphonse: Yes?

Sonic: Has he told you anything?

Alphonse: Yes, he told me that he was in the Ishballan War with Dr. Robotnik to make Cybernetic Soldiers in the West of Ishbal.

Sonic: That sounds a lot like Kahn.

Alphonse: Kahn?

Tails: That Scar guy that you were with, was he his brother?

Alphonse: Yes, he told me that all of the test subjects failed except for Scar's Older Brother, Kahn.

Amy: Did he tell you anything else?

Alphonse: He also told me that he betrayed everybody and felt like a complete bastard. He told me that he's going with Scar to reform himself and maybe help fight with us.

Edward: Hopefully, Snively changes even being around Scar. Because Scar has killed a lot of people.

Mustang enters into Freedom HQ.

Mustang: Sonic, I heard news about your friend's murder. They've could find the primary suspect for his death.

Tails: Who is this person?

Mustang: You may not know her but her name is Maria Ross.

Tails types on the computer on Maria Ross then reads it and everyone is shocked.

Edward: What the hell...?

Tails: Amestris Military, 2nd Lt. Maria Ross, Convicted as the "murderer" of one of the Generals in Amestris a year ago, and recently the "murderer" of General Antoine D'Coolette!

Mustang: Fullmetal and Alphonse, can you two stay outside?

Edward: How come we get to stand outside?

Mustang: I want to speak with your new teammates for a few minutes.

Edward and Alphonse sit down outside of Freedom HQ.

Edward: Damn Colonel, always treating us like kids...

Mustang talks to Team Fighters.

Mustang: I have a plan for you guys, I'm not telling the Elric Brothers about it...

Sonic: So what's our strategy?

In the Interrogation Room in Military HQ, Sleet talks to Maria Ross with guards around the room. Sleet puts down the bullet.

Sleet: This is the bullet that killed Brigadier General Hughes.

Sleet also puts down finger prints of Maria Ross when she strangled Antoine.

Sleet: The bullet that came from a gun like that is the Zillion. The killer only used one bullet. I have to admit that it was a good shot, but it was a point blank range. Close enough that even a poor shot can do it. Now tell me. What gun do you usually carry?

Ross: It's a Zillion, sir.

Sleet: Now when was the last time that you've used it?

Ross: When Scar was at the library heading towards the Elric brother's room, while they've sneaked out of their rooms to check out Lab 5. 

Sleet: On the same day, someone witnessed me walking away from the location of the assassination. Were you at that location?

Ross: What?! No, that can't be possible! I was visiting my parents that day!

Sleet: Were you at the Tommy Turtle Memorial Hospital strangling General D'Coolette?

Ross: I wasn't there either I was with Major Armstrong and Sargent Brosch at the time! 

Sleet: Wait till your President hears about this. Take her away.

Armstrong waits at the interrogation room while sitting on the bench and Sargent Brosh the Meerkat comes up to him.

Brosh: Major Armstrong.

Armstrong: Sgt. Brosh.

Brosh: I'm glad to see you here, Major. 

Armstrong: Is it about 2nd Lt. Ross? 

Brosh: Yes, that's right, sir. Regarding the case, we were shooting our guns against Scar from him reaching the Elric Brothers bedroom by the time they've went into Lab 5.

Armstrong: What?

Brosh: I came to back up 2nd Lt. Ross, but they refuse to let me in.

Armstrong: Hm...

Brosh: It's very odd... It's as if they already decided that 2nd Lt. Ross is convicted.

Armstrong: (Or could it be that they wanted to set 2nd Lt. up as the suspect from the first place?)

In the hotel, someone knocks the door, Falman the Lemur gets up out of his seat while Barry the Chopper relaxes on the table.

Falman: Newspaper!

Falman opens the door and it was Nicole.

Falman: Oh hi. You must be Nicole, right?

Nicole: Correct. I'm here to give your newspaper.

Falman: Thanks, Nicole! Time for my enjoyment of the day.

Barry: Heh, newspaper is the enjoyment of the day for a guy?

Falman: Hey shut up!

Nicole: Well there's no other entertainment other than a newspaper for this man.

Falman reads the newspaper and is shocked.

Falman: Whose fault do you think it is in the first place?

Falman picks up the phone.

Nicole: Falman!

Falman: What?

Nicole: That won't be necessary...

Nicole gives Falman the device.

Nicole: I have the device right here to contact Mustang.

Barry: She has a good point to tell him you know.

In the city, Edward and Alphonse run to help Maria Ross.

Edward: I can't believe that the Colonel and Sonic spoke privately, even in front of Sonic's friends and Winry. Why not us? I could never know.

Alphonse: Maybe they're planning something that they don't want us to know.

Edward: If he does... I swear that he'll be getting his ass kicked for it.

In the New Mobotropolis Prison, a guard is writing but someone opens the door interrupting him.

Guard 2: Sir!

Guard 1: What's going on?!


Guard 1: Armor?!

Barry the Chopper breaks into the prison with guards aiming their guns towards him.


Barry the Chopper walks up while the guards keep shooting him.




The guard uses an advanced shotgun to shoot Barry's head off, who catches his head and puts it back on.

Barry: Good one, but not good enough!

The guards are shocked. Barry then knocks all the guards out.

Barry: Man... It's hard not to chop them up...

Barry keeps walking through the cell block.

Barry: Now to get this job done and over with.

Maria Ross in her cell, hears noises of guards being knocked out.

Ross: What?

Barry jumps in front of Maria Ross's cell, scaring her.

Barry: Hello, Honey! Finally found you. You're that lady that Lynx has sent me to rescue.

Barry presses the cell door button allowing him to enter Maria Ross's cell.

Barry: It's an honor to meet you, Murderer of General D'Coolette and that other General that got killed a year ago.

Ross: That's all a misunderstanding!

Barry: I guess so. Came to confirm that. You don't have the eyes of a murderer.

Barry shows the newspaper to Ross.

Barry: Why don't you take a look at this! 

Ross: Convicted me?! Wait a minute I'm still... 

Barry: Listen! If you don't do anything, you'll be executed for the crime. Maybe you won't get to see another day.

Ross: How... How can it be...?

Barry pulls the newspaper back and points a long knife at Ross.

Barry: CHOOSE!! Would you be executed or will you escape? One or the other?

Ross: (Sigh) This is the worst decision I have to face... I need time to think...

Barry: There's no time! Reinforcements are on their way. If you don't choose now, I'll have to chop you up.

Ross: You're not even letting me choose!

Ross face palms.

Ross: Sorry, mom... Sorry, dad... I had to choose something like this... Fine! We'll escape, but you have to escort me properly you stupid boned armor!

Barry: Oh that's the attitude.

Barry and Maria Ross make their way out of the cell block.

Ross: A woman has to be brave!

Barry: Ha Ha Ha Ha! That's good, missy! Good enough for me to chop up!

In the office, Juliet Douglas the Dog is on the phone.

Douglas: Yes. Yes. Like that.

Douglas hangs up and redials to spread the message throughout New Mobotropolis.

Douglas: Attention. Amestris soldier, 2nd Lt. Maria Ross has escaped from the cells. She must be captured, immediately. If she resists, permission to kill the target.

Mustang hears Nicole while Nicole holds the device hearing Douglas's message.

Douglas (Sound Only): If she resists, permission to kill the target.

Nicole: Let's get going.

Mustang: Hm...

Barry and Ross keep running but they stopped when they saw the Elric Brothers.

Edward and Alphonse: 2ND LT. ROSS!


Edward, Alphonse, and Barry the Chopper point at each other.

Edward, Alphonse, and Barry: AH!! YOU AGAIN!!

Alphonse: Why are you here?!

Barry: That's my line! 

Barry attacks Alphonse.

Barry: And by the way, don't get in our way!

Alphonse: Whoa!

Edward asks Ross.

Edward: 2nd Lt. Ross?! What's going on?! Who was that other General guy that you killed?! Did you really...?!

Barry: Don't bother, missy! Run straight to the warehouse cluster down the alley! You can get away in the darkness there! Hurry, before soldiers see you!

Ross: UHHH...

Ross runs away.

Ross: I'm sorry, Edward! I'll explain later!

Edward: Ah! 

Barry blocks the Elric brothers from chasing Ross.

Edward: Wait a sec... WHOA!!

Barry: Don't even think about it! I have no time to play and chop with you guys! 

Edward: Why you...

Alphonse: 2nd Lt.!

Ross keeps running in the alley.

Alphonse: 2ND LT!!

Ross then runs into Mustang.

Mustang: You're Maria Ross, correct?

Mustang snaps his fingers, using a flame attack towards Ross. Edward, Alphonse, and Barry see the flames burst in the air at the end of the alley.

Barry: Huh?

Edward runs pass Barry.

Edward: DAMN!!

Alphonse attacks Barry but Barry blocks Alphonse attacks.

Barry: I told you, I have no time for these games!

Barry jumps on the building and runs away. 

Edward keeps running and reaches Mustang with a corpse of Maria Ross between them. Edward is shocked. 

Mustang: Hello, Fullmetal.

Edward: What the...?

Edward clenches his fist.


Edward grabs Mustang's by the uniform.


Mustang punches Edward.

Mustang: You dare lay hands on high ranks? Calm down, Fullmetal.

Edward gets ready to punch Mustang but Alphonse grabs Edward from behind. 

Alphonse: You can't, brother!

Edward: Let me go, Al!

Alphonse: No you can't! I don't know what happened, but...

Edward: This bastard! He did this to 2nd Lt. Ross!

Alphonse sees Maria Ross's corpse and then turns around to talk to the Colonel.

Alphonse: What's going on Colonel?

Mustang: Murderer of two Generals in two different countries, Maria Ross was on the run and an order was to either kill or capture the target. It has been issued. That's all.

Alphonse: That doesn't explain anything!

Sonic is looking at them on the rooftop with Nicole and Amy between him.

Sonic: Those brothers will be shocked at what we really did to her.

Amy: Is she safe?

Sonic: Yeah, Tails is escorting Maria Ross and will be taking her on the tornado to find a place to hide.

Nicole: And your mission is tomorrow too.

Sonic: Oh yeah, Edward won't be going with us. I'm going to have the Chaotix barge in to take him tomorrow.

Nicole: We should be getting out of here before anybody sees us.

Sonic and Amy: Right.

The Acorn and Amestris military arrive at the scene in the alley with Sleet walking in. The soldier whispers to Sleet. Sleet looks at Mustang.

Sleet: So the Flame Alchemist took care of the work, I see.

Sleet walks up to Mustang and have a conversation.

Sleet: Good evening Colonel Mustang, I am President King Bradley's assistants, Sleet. Please explain what had happened, Colonel.

Mustang: The orders stated that if faced with resistance, it's alright to kill the target. She resisted and I killed her according to the order.

Sleet: Aren't you too eager to score points?

Mustang: Points? Are the gentlemen from Central so unhappy to see the rise of a country folk from the East?

Sleet: What I'm really saying that you have overdone it!

The paramedics take away the body which is placed in a body bag.

Sleet: It's going to be difficult for us to recognize!

In the hospital, the Elric brothers, Armstrong, and Mustang sit down in the hallway. Dr. Quack opens the door seeing that they're all here.

Dr. Quack: Everyone's here? Since the injury was too severe, you can't even tell if she was alive or dead before being burnt.

Armstrong: So it's possible that it wasn't her...?

Dr. Quack: Not exactly.

Dr. Quack shows the results.

Dr. Quack: It's confirmed that it was Maria Ross from the dental tests on the teeth that were found. How cruel, burning a lady like her into a pile of cinder. You sure had a big grudge against her, huh? Ain't that right?

Dr. Quack turns around and sees Colonel Mustang.

Dr. Quack: Mr. Mustang, couldn't you have done it better? It would have been easy for us to recognize.

Mustang: It has been awhile since I have used such a good flame attack... I over did it.

Dr. Quack: The Ishballan War Hero shouldn't go this far to attack a young lady like that. I'm done here.

Dr. Quack walks away.

Armstrong talks to Mustang.

Armstrong: Regarding the awful things that my subordinate had done...

Mustang: You don't need to apologize.

Armstrong: I didn't imagine that 2nd Lt. Ross would ever commit two murders. She was honest and earnest... And considerate... 

Armstrong sits down, feeling depressed.

Mustang: You seem to be quite stressed, Major. Why don't you go on a trip tomorrow? Hm? Why don't you go to the Eastern Region? It's a very nice place. It's not as noisy as cities, it's a great place to relax as well.

Mustang walks away and Edward looks mad and kicks the trash can.

On the Death Egg, Envy and Lust talk while Metal Sonic and Gluttony listen.

Envy: And so, Colonel Mustang has successfully avenged his best friend's death. Man, I love happy endings like that.

Lust: But it was unexpected that not only did she escape, but she was also killed by the target. Were we being a bit loose?

Envy: Who cares, the bait has been taken, no harm done. 

Envy gives the picture to Lust.

Envy: We also have a Legionnaire that betrayed us too.

Lust looks at the picture of Barry the Chopper.

Envy: That's the suspect who attacked the New Mobotropolis Detention Center.

Lust: Oh it's him...  

Envy: I thought he died when Diesel and his other Legionnaires got attacked by Scar.

Lust: But, it could be possible that he had contact with the Flame Alchemist, lately. Do you know where he's hiding?

Envy: All I know is that he could be hiding somewhere in New Mobotropolis, he's very good at running and hiding.

Lust: Meaning that you don't know. So useless.

Envy: Shut up you bitch. I'm getting more helpers.

Envy, Lust, Metal Sonic, and Gluttony then look at the screen that says message from Dr. Robotnik.

Envy gets in the chair and sees the message with a sky blue Chaos Emerald which is labeled, "Project Sigma".

Envy: So we got more details on the Nazo Virus, it seems to be called "Project Sigma".

Lust: Where is that located at?

Envy: It's not in this world, only the roboticization contains his personal data, but as long as the final "Genesis Wave" occurs. We'll probably see him.

All the villains smirk.

Edward sleeps then when the alarm buzzed, he wakes up and turns the alarm off. When he brushed his teeth, he heard some knocking going on. Edward finishes brushing his teeth and goes to get the door.

Edward: Coming.

Edward opens the door and it was Knuckles the Echidna.

Knuckles: What's up? It's Sonic's buddy, Knuckles.

Knuckles punches Edward in the face, Alphonse and Mina wake up and look shocked.

Knuckles walks up to Edward.

Edward: Hey! What was that for?!

Knuckles points down at Edward.

Knuckles: You know what day it is?

Edward: Yeah, we're going to Riverdale to fight the Iron Queen.

Knuckles: Well not you, pal! You're coming with me!

Knuckles grabs Edward Elric by the arm, tightening it.



Edward: Alphonse!

Knuckles: We don't need your brother, so let's go!

Knuckles drags Edward.

Knuckles: Armstrong is with us and he's going to arrange a train for you, me, him, and my team.

Narrator: Looks like Team Fighters and the Chaotix are going on different missions and Knuckles is getting some help to save the Echidnas, find out next episode for the adaption of the PS2 game, "Fullmetal Alchemist 2: Curse of the Crimson Elixir"!

Ending plays.

Do you somehow remember 
How we gazed up at the atmosphere

And How we watched the sunset go and fade away?

As I walk to the future, I'll still keep the promise that I made 

From all those endless summer days.

The shadows that hide behind my smile

Extend within every sole expression

Pretending that I am someone else

And giving a false impression

I sit alone waiting for 

Someone to tell me that you're okay and where you are

The nights that don't seem to last,
and coming dawns that went by so fast.

Their meanings of everything were not far.

Did you fail to remember 
How we gazed up at the atmosphere

And how we never saw the sunset look the same?

The promise has been broken, and has vanished in the passing breeze
We can't go back the way we came.

My memories, they're swept around this room

And still I feel like they've been cut in two
I'm Scattered, My soul is trembling
As sleep's coming into my view.

Please comfort me with your lies

Messy pictures drawn with our eyes, I hate and love them all

Nowadays we can't see so straight

Emotions torn and blasted away 

And thats why I have to bid you Good-bye!

So we waved to another, saying we will meet once more someday

Our tears, indicating that our meeting was not sure

Still I heard your voice waver, when you said that we would meet again

I wont forget-!

Someday you will remember 
How we gazed up at the atmosphere

And How we watched the sunset go and fade away?

Recover and embrace all the promises that we can't fulfill

Instead, let's walk on our own way.

Ending Ends.





Sonic Brotherhood - Sigma Virus Form.

Sigma is a main threat to Megaman X and Zero, spreading the virus to countless Reploids in order to work under him against the human race. He is causing a threat to another world as well which is Sonic's since Mephiles and Dr. Robotnik encountered him. He agrees to share his personal data to Dr. Robotnik to use on the roboticizer to make Robians which turns them into mindless slaves for him. Even Princess Sally Acorn sacrificed herself destroying the world roboticizer, however she was a mindless robot, which she is also infected by the Sigma Virus. Mephiles, the Homunculi, Dr. Robotnik, and him persuaded the Nocturnus Clan in Sonic's world and Replifore in Megaman's world in 21XX to create a weapon expansion to the Death Egg, "Final Weapon". 
I'm here with my very first QnA. Please feel free to ask me any question but here are the rules. 

No 18+ content questions and no hate questions please. Ask me whatever you like just as long as you go by the rules. 


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